1983 Aquarius Home Computer Catalog

As the world travels into tomorrow, each step of the journey reveals yet another dazzling innovation in technology.

At Mattel Electronics, we believe the real promise of technology will come from innovations that are matched to human wants and needs.

On the following pages, you'll see an array of exciting and advanced products.* Products in touch with the magic of technology. But more importantly, you'll see products in touch with the needs of the future. For entertainment. For learning. And for just plain fun.

From Mattel Electronics. The people in touch with tomorrow.

*NOTE: We have made this catalog as complete as possible. Product illustrations, descriptions and availability are based upon information available at the printing date. Mattel Electronics reserves the right to make changes, without notice or obligation, to product specifications and/or availability. Current information should be obtained from your Mattel Electronics sales representative or your dealer before ordering or purchasing.

Aquarius Home Computer System.


Finally there's a home computer system that offers all the benefits of a computer. Without all the confusion. Introducing Aquarius, the home computer system from Mattel Electronics.

Aquarius uses advanced technology to create a home computer system that's truly simple. So simple, you can set up and start writing your first program within 30 minutes. With software that's easy to use and understand. And you can expand the system with simple plug-in memory and peripherals.

For all its simplicity, Aquarius is also very sophisticated. With a powerful Z80A microprocessor, outstanding graphic quality, built-in programmability, even more memory capacity than comparable home computers.

Aquarius. It's the home computer system that's smart enough to be simple.

Aquarius Home Computer.

The perfect home computer for the beginner, with the power to grow as your needs grow. The Aquarius keyboard is light and compact with a simple, tactile-touch key design. And plug-in memory expandability of up to 52K. Also features built-in Microsoft BASIC language so you call begin programming just minutes after you hook up Aquarius to your TV.

The Aquarius Home Computer is fully compatible with a complete line of peripherals and software that allows you to tailor a system to fit your needs.

Aquarius II Home Computer.

A more powerful version of the Aquarius Home Computer for both home and office applications. Features a full-travel, typewriter style keyboard for fast, easy data entry. Plus memory expandability to 64K for even more advanced capability. Includes built-in Extended Microsoft BASIC language and Simplified Instruction Cards.

Aquarius II is fully compatible with all Aquarius peripherals and software.

Aquarius Mini Expander.

Lets you enjoy outstanding Aquarius video games from up to eight feet away. The Mini Expander features two detachable hand controllers, each with a l6-position control disc and 6 action buttons. Plus an audio enhancer that gives Aquarius three full sound channels to make game play even more exciting.

The Mini Expander simply plugs into the cartridge port of the Aquarius unit. The Mini Expander itself has two ports to let the user plug in a 4K or 16K RAM cartridge and a software cartridge at the same time. Allows even more capability for home management and learning applications.

Aquarius Memory Cartridges.

Gives users the ability to quickly and easily expand memory. 4K or 16K memory cartridges plug into Aquarius through the cartridge port, or into the Mini Expander.

With additional memory, you can write and operate longer programs and greater volumes of information.

Aquarius Data Recorder.

The Aquarius Data Recorder is a handy and economical way to provide permanent information storage for use in the system at a later time. Without the recorder, information and programs in the Random Access Memory would be lost when Aquarius is shut off.

The Aquarius Data Recorder plugs directly into the rear of the Aquarius unit. Data is transferred onto standard cassette tapes for quick and easy storage. When the information is needed, it can be easily retrieved and "loaded" into memory. Several programs may be stored on a single tape.

Aquarius Printer.

Print hard copies of anything you create on the TV screen with Aquarius, including graphics. Family members will find the printer especially handy for printouts of programs and for records of recipes, shopping lists, addresses and countless other data you'll want to keep.

The Aquarius Printer connects directly to the rear of the computer. It can print 80 characters per second on thermal paper, quickly and quietly. Printouts are up to 40 columns wide and can include upper and lower case letters, graphic characters -- all 256 characters available with Aquarius.

Aquarius Master Expansion Module.

The Master Expansion Module is designed to allow your Aquarius Home Computer System to grow into tomorrow neatly and effectively. This centralized peripheral hosting device accommodates up to two Aquarius Disk Drives and the Disc Drive Controller for high speed, high capacity data storage. Gain access to the CP/M disc operating system which lets you enrich your Home Computer System with the thousands of software programs written in CP/M format. There are seven built-in peripheral boards to expand Aquarius memory and expand into the technology of the future all at your own pace. (Available early 1984.)

Aquarius 4-Color Printer.

Delivers colorful printouts of alphanumerics, graphics -- anything you can create on the screen. The colors -- red, green, blue and black -- can be easily addressed and exchanged. Use color for highlights, graphs and charts.

The Aquarius 4-color printer can print either a 40-column or 80-column width on 4.5 inch paper. Connects directly to the rear of the Aquarius or Aquarius II computers.

Aquarius Home Computer System Command Console.

The first true home computer application that really works in the home. Can be programmed by Aquarius to automatically turn your appliances on or off, up to 32 times a day. Controls as many as 64 appliances, lights, heater -- anything that plugs into the wall. A powerful tool for home security and energy savings around the house.

Plugs into the rear of Aquarius or Aquarius II for easy programmability. Program the Aquarius Home Control System in 7-day cycles to turn your lights on while you're on vacation for security. Or, turn your heater off at night and back on in the morning for convenient energy savings. Comes packed with one home control software cartridge, one lamp module and one appliance module.

Aquarius Modem.

Extends the Aquarius system outwards to the incredible range of information and services made available by outside data base subscription services via standard telephone lines. Ties into the Aquarius Home Services data base for Aquarius news and exclusive consumer-oriented information such as Hints from Heloise for invaluable tips and tidbits about home maintenance, creative cooking, pet care and more.

Aquarius Home Services gives you access to the popular CompuServe database service featuring news, weather, in-home shopping and other useful information.

Aquarius Software.


A home computer system is only as good as the programs that go into it. Which is exactly why Aquarius plans to offer an extensive software library for the best in home management, learning, entertainment and self-improvement.

Aquarius software provides a unique new way for the entire family to learn in their own home, at their own pace. Subjects like spelling, math and computer programming can become simple and fun to learn. Aquarius programs help with personal finances, home management and self-improvement. And Aquarius games give everyone in the home new ways to have fun.

Read through the software titles and descriptions that follow. And discover all the things your Aquarius home computer can do.

Programs For Enjoyable Learning
Extended Microsoft BASIC
Match & Learn
Math & Mazes
Mr. Whirlwind
Brain Baffler
Spelling in Space

Programs For The Home
Menu Planner
Tax Tips

Programs For Self Improvement
Advanced Diet Trac

Programs For Fun
Night Stalker
Bump 'N' Jump
Masters of the Universe
Melody Chase
TRON Deadly Discs
Lock 'N' Chase
Sea Battle

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