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WHERE CAN I GET ONE? They were carried at Toys 'R' Us, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Dollar General, Sam's Club and other retailers, but these store are pretty much sold out now; they may be getting more, but your best bet right now is the Bed, Bath & Beyond online store. As of this posting, they had several hundred in stock.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 30,  2015: Toys 'R' Us has them back on their shelves! Hurry down to your local Toys 'R' Us before they run out again!

HOW MUCH? The suggested retail price is $49.95. Bed Bath & Beyond is selling them for $39.99. Toys 'R' Us has them for $48.99.

WHAT GAMES ARE INCLUDED?  The 60 included games are: Armor Battle, Astrosmash®, Auto Racing, B-17 Bomber, Backgammon, Baseball (World Championship), Basketball (Slam Dunk: Super Pro), Blowout, Bomb Squad, Bowling, Boxing, Brickout, Buzz Bombers, Checkers, Chess, Crown of Kings, Decathlon (Super Pro), Football (Super Pro), Frog Bog, Golf, Golf (Chip Shot: Super Pro), Hard Hat, Hockey (Slap Shot: Super Pro), Horse Racing, Hover Force, Learning Fun I, Learning Fun II, Math Fun, Minotaur, Motocross, Night Stalker, Pinball, Poker & Blackjack (Las Vegas), Pool & Billiards (Deep Pockets: Super Pro), Roulette (Las Vegas), Royal Dealer, Sea Battle, Shark! Shark!, Sharp Shot, , Snafu, Soccer, Space Armada, Space Battle, Space Cadet, Space Hawk, Space Spartans, Stadium Mud Buggies, Star Strike, Sub Hunt, Takeover, Tennis, Thin Ice, Thunder Castle, Tower of Doom, Triple Action, Utopia, Vectron, Volleyball (Spiker! Super Pro), Word Fun, Wrestling (Body Slam: Super Pro)

WHY ARE THE SUPER PRO GAMES INCLUDED INSTEAD OF THE ORIGINAL MATTEL ELECTRONICS SPORTS GAMES? Because in most cases the Super Pro sports games from INTV Corp. use the same game code as the Mattel Electronics sports titles, but with the option of competing against a computer player. We have found that most people prefer to have 1-player games which is why we chose the Super Pro games. You can still play these games against a friend in 2-player mode.

WHY ARE THERE TWO GOLF GAMES? We felt that the Mattel version (originally released as PGA Golf) and the INTV Corp. version Chip Shot: Super Pro Golf were substantially different enough to include both. (Unlike most of the Super Pro Sports titles which start with the original Mattel Electronics two-player version, Intellivision programmer and golf afficiando Steve Ettinger was not a fan of the original Golf cartridge. He requested to do a Super Pro version from scratch, which he did.)

BUT I WAS A CHAMP ON MAJOR LEAGUE® BASEBALL! CAN I PLAY IT AGAIN? WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BASEBALL ISN'T QUITE THE SAME! Yes, there was enough of a request for the original 2-player Baseball that when Dollar General asked for an exclusive version of INTELLIVISION® FLASHBACK® for its stores, we created a 61-game version. It includes all of the other games on the INTELLIVISION® FLASHBACK®, plus 2-player Baseball, released in 1980 as Major League® Baseball. They are out of stock in the Dollar General stores, but we regularly see these 61-game versions show up on eBay and other collectors sites for sale.

A COUPLE OF MY FAVORITE INTELLIVISION GAMES FROM WHEN I WAS A KID ARE MISSING. HOW COME? We would love to include all games for Intellivision, but we currently don't have the rights to every favorite. We hope to in the future; if Intellivision® Flashback® sells well, maybe there will be an Intellivision® Flashback® 2 with those games. Keep your fingers crossed!

MY FAVORITES WERE THE DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® GAMES! WILL YOU EVER HAVE THEM AGAIN? Our license to use the Dungeons & Dragons® trademark expired years ago, but we still own the copyrights on the games themselves. We call them something different today. The two games you are looking for are now called Crown of Kings and Minotaur and are both included on INTELLIVISION® FLASHBACK®. Enjoy!

DO THE NEW HAND CONTROLLERS TAKE OVERLAYS? Yes! The controllers have slots like on the originals so that you can slide game overlays over the keypad to help guide play.

ARE OVERLAYS INCLUDED? Some are, and the instruction manual for INTELLIVISION® FLASHBACK® includes images of the overlays for every included game for reference, as does our website.

CAN WE GET OVERLAYS THAT AREN'T INCLUDED? We do sell full sets of the overlays for the 50 games that do not have overlays included with te INTELLIVISION® FLASHBACK®, however we are sold out at this time. Check back to see when they are back in our store.

ARE INSTRUCTION MANUALS FOR THE GAMES INCLUDED? To avoid including a 700 page manual, we have posted the manuals on our website here.

WILL THE HAND CONTROLLERS WORK IN AN INTELLIVISION II? No, but you can order an inexpensive cable that will adapt the INTELLIVISION® FLASHBACK® controllers to your Intellivision II or Sears Tele-Games Super Video Arcade console here.

HOW DOES THE CONSOLE HOOK UP TO YOUR TV? The console has a standard A/V out cable (RCA plugs).

IS THERE AN HDMI OUT / SD SLOT / USB IN / CARTRIDGE PORT? No to all. But if Intellivision® Flashback® is a huge success, there might be an Intellivision® Flashback® 2 someday with who-knows-what features.


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