December 2004


Santa's waiting to bring everyone on your list some Intellivision cheer this year! On our web site we've told everyone to order by today, Wednesday, but we're giving you on the mailing list an extra two days! Get your order in by Noon (PST), Friday, Dec. 17th.

For the true Intellivision fan, there is Intellivision Lives! for PC and Mac. This collection has more games, more video clips, and more historical background than any of our other collections. You can spend hours reviewing the production notes and fun facts before ever playing a game. Controls are mapped to your computer keyboard, or add one or two hand controllers for the full video game experience. This is the only collection to include Adventure and Minotaur (the games which were originally released under the names Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Treasure of Tarmin, trademarks that now belong to Atari so we can't use them anymore - in fact, forget we mentioned it). The Intellivision Lives! CD-ROM for PC and Mac is sold exclusively through our web site for $29.95.

For the family with a game console, you can't go wrong with Intellivision Lives! for PlayStation 2, Xbox, or GameCube. Each features over 60 games, video clips, and special features found only on the console collections, including optional background music for games, vibration feedback and saving of high scores. Introduce your kids to the games that got you hooked on video games twenty years ago.

Some people wonder how the controls work when the consoles have so few controller buttons. The secret is that the second joystick on each controller is mapped to enter Intellivision gamepad buttons. This surprisingly intuitive solution lets the user quickly gain full control of each game without calling up the gamepad overlay (which is also an option).

By the way, notice that the price of the console versions is only $19.95 each - far less than most new games for these systems. You can order for PlayStation 2, Xbox or GameCube on our web site right now!

Know someone who already has Intellivision Lives! and is ready for more Intellivision games? Then get Intellivision Rocks - over 30 Intellivision games not found on any version of Intellivision Lives! including classics such as Pitfall!, River Raid, Beamrider, and Microsurgeon! This collection also features an extensive Intellivision museum with video and audio clips from never-completed games. The Intellivision Rocks collection, $29.95, is only available through our web site! For PC and Mac.

And if you know an Intellivision fan, don't forget the Intellivision caps, T-shirts, posters, mugs and music CDs available exclusively through our Retrotopia web site. Remember: order by noon, Friday!

Order Intellivision products online here >

A great introduction to the Intellivision system for kids or for the casual gamer are the Intellivision 25 and Intellivision 10 direct-to-TV controllers. These battery-operated units plug directly into the audio/video inputs of your TV to let you instantly play the 25 or 10 built-in games. No console or cartridges needed! Over 1 million sold!

These units have been awarded the National Parenting Center 2004 Seal of Approval.

Contractually we are not allowed to sell Intellivision 10 and Intellivision 25 on our web site. You can find them at many stores where toys are sold, or you can order them online through the links below:

Order Intellivision 25 from QVC >

Order Intellivision 10 from Walgreens >


Don Daglow, creator of Utopia, is now president/founder of Stormfront Studios. Stormfront's latest production is Demon Stone, based on the works of R.A. Salvatore (the Drizzt universe). It's available now on PlayStation 2 and Xbox from Atari. The game is built on the Stormfront Action Adventure Engine last used for The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. It allows players to switch on the fly between three heroes instantly in combat.

Visit the Demon Stone official web site >

Richard E. Levine, creator of Truckin' and Microsurgeon, has been writing science fiction. Two of his short stories are appearing this month through online publishers: "My Life's a Dream" at Penumbric Speculative Fiction (Fall 2004) and "It's in the Stars" at The Fifth Di (Dec. 2004). A third story, "My Brother's Keeper" will appear next month at The Martian Wave (Jan. 2005). He also has a novel under consideration by several publishers.

Visit Rick's web site for info and updates on his stories >

Brian Dougherty, creator of Sword & Serpents, Doug Fults, developer of White Water and Eric Del Sesto, programmer on the M Network Apple II BurgerTime, have joined forces in a new web services venture called Airena. They invite all Intellivision fans to try out their latest software endeavor: AirSet:

AirSet - The Networked Personal Information Manager
AirSet is a FREE web service that networks your calendar and contact information with everyone you know.

  • Create private online groups with shared calendars and contacts for work colleagues, friends, family, sports teams etc.
  • Synchronize everyone’s data across their PCs, PDAs, mobile phones, and the website.
  • View one group’s calendar or the combination of work, family, and social calendars all in one place.
  • Get text message reminders of important events on your mobile phone.
  • Send a mobile phone text message to everyone in a group with one click.
  • Selectively share contacts with your groups or make copies of contacts shared by other people.
  • Automatically update shared contacts whenever a group member makes a change.
  • Manage communications with your groups.

Coming Soon: Java and Brew clients for popular mobile phones with a rich interface to the service.

Check out AirSet right now! >

Joe King, who did the graphics for many Intellivision games and was co-designer of Hover Force with programmer Steve Ettinger, has been the editorial cartoonist for the Santa Monica Daily Press for the last three years. He now has a boxed gift set of three books which collect his "bestest" cartoons of 2002, 2003 and 2004. The set, called Lord of the Zings, includes over one thousand cartoons covering local, national and international subjects. Joe has been characterized as "a pen & ink pit bull who tends to chew through his leash on a daily basis."

For samples from Lord of the Zings and ordering information >

David Stifel, who programmed Game Factory, appears as a singin' and dancin' pirate in the live-action opening sequence to The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, in theaters now. David previously appeared in Gods and Generals, Minority Report, and A Life Less Ordinary, along with numerous TV programs.

View clips from some of David's film appearances >

Keith Robinson, who developed TRON Solar Sailer, is a writer and illustrator, besides being president of Intellivision Productions. He has written two new books that are out now: Love Me, Love My Cat and Love Me, Love My Dog. Each humorous gift book tackles the problems that happen when a non-pet owner starts dating a pet owner, from allergies to jealousies. Each book is filled with color illustrations by Keith.
Info and ordering >

Michelle Mock, who worked on the unfinished game Off the Wall, co-founded the educational web site in August 2001. Says Michelle, "Our goal is to spark the flame that will ignite the desire to learn. Teachers can teach, but learning comes from within." The main feature of the multi-lingual site is interviews with people in many different walks of life. Michelle explains that when children read candid answers from "amazing people", they become inspired to follow their own dreams and conquer the obstacles and difficulties they may find in their path. "There is something amazing in every person. The collection of interviews at Imagiverse shows just how true that is."

For the last four years, Imagiverse has been a labor of love for Michelle and cofounder Stephanie Wong. In 2004, the nonprofit Imagiverse Educational Consortium was created to further the development of the web site and expand its reach to students around the world.

For more information about Imagiverse >

Jacques DuLong is a Blue Sky Ranger by marriage. Pat Lewis did music and sound effects for many of the M Network Atari 2600 games. While at Mattel Electronics, she met and married Jacques, who worked in Mattel Toy's Sound Design Studio. Today they are the parents of nearly five-year-old twins, Bianca and Ryan. They live in the Los Angeles area where Jacques develops sounds for electronic toys from his home studio. Jacques did the music - vocals and instrumentals - for the new Fisher-Price Jukebox Games “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” While the Lion sleeps with his paw on the picnic basket, listening to his favorite song, the players try to get to the goodies. Suddenly, the music stops, the Lion lifts his head, roars (also Jacques' voice), and the players must scurry for cover.

More info on "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" >


76 of you entered our previous trivia contest. The question:

In 1983, Intellivision had a featured booth in the Technology Exposition at what historic music festival?

Fifty-seven of you had the correct answer: The Us Festival, created by Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak.

From the 57 correct answers, the random number generator at selected Stephan Castonguay of Quebec, Canada, as the winner of an Intellivision coffee mug.

Congratulations, Stephen! And thanks to all of you for playing!

Now try this question:

When investors bought Intellivision from Mattel in February 1984, one of them was quoted in The Los Angeles Times saying the brand was still strong and that they would be expanding it to new products. What did he give as an example of a possible future Intellivision product?

Submit your answer >

(If you have trouble following the above link, or if submitting your answer fails, type the URL into your browser and try again.)

We'll pick a random winner from all complete, correct entries received before NOON PST, MONDAY, DECEMBER 20. The winner will receive an official Intellivision Coffee Mug - just like we use here in the office for serving up steamin' hot java!



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