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Intellivision Due on GameCube this Christmas!

When we announced last year that Intellivision Lives! was coming to Play Station 2 and Xbox, we received numerous e-mails from GameCube owners basically asking, "Why do you hate us?"

Well, we hope you're feeling the love because we're happy to announce that the GameCube version will be out in time for Christmas!

As with the PS2 and Xbox versions, Intellivision Lives! opens in Hal's Pizza, a 360 degree 3-D environment that evokes memories of the '80s. Arcade machines of different themes - Space, Sports, Battle, etc. - ring the restaurant. Each machine serves as an interface to the original Intellivision games.

Over 60 classic Intellivision games are included, including some never released in the 1980s. This is the actual software from the original cartridges, playing on emulation software newly created for the GameCube. The games look and sound just as they did when played on the original Intellivision console!

The features of the PS2 and Xbox versions have been included, such as a video history of Intellivision and interviews with the programmers, the ability to save high scores, scoring goals that unlock hidden features, and more!

The GameCube version will be released in the United States by Crave Entertainment, which also publishes Intellivision Lives! for PS2 and Xbox .

"That Crave saw the performance of the PS2 and Xbox versions and came back to do GameCube is, I think, a testament to the popularity of Intellivision on today's consoles," says Keith Robinson, president of Intellivision Productions. "A new generation is discovering how much fun these games are, and I'm glad we can extend that now to the GameCube players!"

Look for Intellivision Lives! in late November wherever you buy GameCube games, or order directly from our web site!