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Intellivision Direct-to-TV Wins Parenting Seal of Approval

The National Parenting Center has awarded its seal of approval to the Intellivision 25 and Intellivision 10 direct-to-tv video game systems.

In awarding the seal, the Center commented, "Who would have thought, in this age of ultra-real, 3D video games that the ancient games of our youth would still hold any interest for kids? Certainly not us. That is until we plugged in this self-contained video game system. These aren't the exact originals but the familiarity is unmistakable when you start up Astrosmash, Space Battle, Buzz Bombers and the like."

Staffed by volunteers, the testing facility of The National Parenting Center has parents, children, and educators play with, read about, and judge a variety of submitted products. Evaluated are each product's level of desirability, sturdiness, interactive stimulation and other ingredients essential in the make-up of a quality product.

The Intellivision 25 and Intellivision 10 are manufactured and distributed by Techno Source under license from Intellivision Productions. Introduced in late 2003, the video game systems have become bestsellers in markets around the world. In the US, KB Toys named them to their list of "Must-Have Toys" for the Christmas 2003 season.

This isn't the first time parents have recognized the Intellivision games. In 1999, Family PC Magazine gave the PC/Mac version of Intellivision Lives! its second-highest rating of any game released that year.

"A lot of parents concerned about sex and violence in video games tell us how happy they are to find us," says Intellivision Productions President Keith Robinson. "The kids find the games fun and exciting, and the parents don't find anything objectionable. It's funny, because back in 1982, we'd be concerned if people would find a game like Shark! Shark! too violent: Ooo! The little fishy got eaten! It seems so innocent today."

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