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Blue Sky Rangers (left to right) David Akers, Michelle Mock, Stephen Roney, Bill Fisher, Mike Minkoff, Keith Robinson, Don Daglow.

Intellivision Rocks

New T-shirt design

Teams competed at the unreleased Intellivision game Blow Out

Intellivision at CGE2001

The Blue Sky Rangers returned to Las Vegas for the third year in a row for the annual Classic Gaming Expo, August 11 & 12, 2001.

Visitors to the Intellivision booth had a chance to play unreleased prototypes for the Intellivision, Atari 2600, and ColecoVision on the actual consoles.

One of the prototypes, Blow Out, was designed to be played by teams, so on Sunday two teams were assembled to give it a try. At various times in the game, a beep would signal for players to pass off the hand controllers to the next members on their teams. The fast passing of the controllers from player to player added a funny, physical dimension to the game.

Visitors could also try out Intellivision Rocks, the new CD-ROM collection of Activision and Imagic Intellivision titles for play on PC and Mac.

Eight of the original game developers were present: David Akers (Atari 2600 Star Strike), Don Daglow (Utopia), Bill Fisher (Space Hawk, Space Spartans), Mike Minkoff (Snafu), Michelle Mock (the unfinished Off the Wall), Karen Nugent (BurgerTime graphics), Keith Robinson (TRON Solar Sailer), and Stephen Roney (B-17 Bomber, Space Spartans). The group held a panel discussion on Saturday, talking about working at Mattel Electronics in the early 1980s and answering questions from the audience.

A new Intellivision t-shirt was introduced at the show, showing the Intellivision Running Man in space, arcade, sports, and battle games. (The shirt is available at the Retrotopia Online Store.)


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