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Intellivision at CGE2002:
Music, Tikis and...Tattoos!?

Left to right: Keith Robinson, Don Daglow, Tom Kahelin, George "The Fat Man" Sanger, David Warhol, Stephen Roney, and Colin Totman.

Intellivision Productions President Keith Robinson wears his traditional BurgerTime chef's hat and apron on Friday night before slipping into a Hawaiian shirt for Saturday and Sunday.

George "The Fat Man" Sanger leads Team Fat performing two sets of surf-rock music on Sunday.

The all-music CD Intellivision in Hi-Fi was released at the Expo. The CD features an hour of music inspired by the Intellivision videogame system.

George "The Fat Man" Sanger tells Intellivision in Hi-Fi producer Tom Kahelin to "Talk to the finger" for doing work that was just "too #@$%* good!"

Daglow, Warhol, Robinson, Roney, and Sohl share their memories with a large off-camera audience (trust us - they're out there).

Intellivision fan Craig Luna shows off his fresh Running Man tattoo.

Yes, it's real!

This year's Intellivision booth at the Classic Gaming Expo was dressed up with tikis, tropical flowers, and blue cocktails. Most visitors to the booth received a lei. Why?

The Expo saw the official release of the new music CD Intellivision in Hi-Fi. For the occasion, Intellivision flew in the Austin, Texas, band Team Fat to perform their song "Surfin' on Thin Ice" from the CD. Hence the surf theme in the booth.

As in previous years, there were Intellivision, ColecoVision, and Atari 2600 consoles in the booth with unreleased Mattel Electronics cartridges available for play. For the first time, they were joined by an Apple II computer. Even most collectors are unaware that Mattel published games for the Apple II and the IBM PC in 1983. Visitors could play the Apple version of Night Stalker on a green monochrome monitor.

A PC was set up to let people try out the classic games from the Intellivision Lives! and Intellivision Rocks CD-ROM collections using a Microsoft Sidewinder controller. With the Windows-native emulation on Intellivision Lives! 1.1 and Intellivision Rocks, controller settings can be set and automatically recalled for every game on each disk.

Visitors could also try out Astrosmash, Night Stalker, Shark! Shark!, and several classic Intellivision sports titles on cell phones. Colin Totman, Associate Producer for THQ Wireless, was in the booth demonstrating the games.

The Expo started Friday night, August 9, at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas with a private dinner for the invited pioneers of the industry. Former programmers from Atari, Activision, Vectrex, and other companies were present. Intellivision was represented by Keith Robinson (TRON Solar Sailer), John Sohl (Astrosmash), David Warhol (Thunder Castle), and Stephen Roney (Space Spartans). Don Daglow (Utopia) and Dave Akers (Atari 2600 Star Strike) arrived later in the weekend.

At the dinner, tribute was paid to Gene Smith, creator of the Intellivoice game Bomb Squad, who died July 14.

The Expo opened its doors to the public Saturday morning. Visitors were treated to a comprehensive videogame museum, classic arcade machines set to free play, panel discussions with the game programmers, and booth after booth of game consoles, cartridges, and memorabilia to buy and trade.

The Expo continued throughout the weekend. At noon Sunday, George "The Fat Man" Sanger and his Team Fat took the stage to perform a set of surf-rock music, including the world premiere live performance of "Surfin on Thin Ice," George's update of the theme he wrote for the Intellivision game Thin Ice in 1983.

The performance almost didn't happen; traveling light, Team Fat had arranged to borrow a bass drum from another band for their set. But at the last minute, the other band took off for a gig in Phoenix - with the drum. George ran around the exhibit hall thumping and pounding on everything looking for a makeshift replacement. The show finally went on, with drummer Dave Govett beating on an empty guitar case.

Team Fat - Kevin Phelan, Joe McDermott, Dave Govett, and George "The Fat Man" Sanger - perform "Surfin' on Thin Ice" from the new Intellivision in Hi-Fi music CD. Note the empty guitar case filling in for a bass drum.

Intellivision Productions was proud to be part once again of the Classic Gaming Expo. We salute Sean Kelly, John Hardie, and Joe Santulli for putting on a great show, and we thank the fans who support the Expo and Intellivision! See you next time!

Photos by Stephen Roney.

Join the fun at the Classic Gaming Expo next year! Watch the CGE web site for information about the 2003 show! CGE web site>

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