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Intellivision at CGE2000:
Cake, Karaoke and Cartridges!

A contestant provides sound effects for Intellivision Major League Baseball during Video Game Karaoke. "YERRRRR OUT!"

Another contestant takes the mike. Every contestant received a free computer hand controller courtesy of Gravis.

Mo, Double Dutch & Skipper, the Varsity Jump Rope League from the neighboring booth, compete in the team category.

"Astrosmash" creator John P. Sohl has the honor of cutting the 20th birthday cake.

David Rolfe autographs a copy of his ColecoVision cartridge "Steamroller," finally released after 16 years.

Tom Kahelin and Lisa Dawson worked tirelessly in the booth, answering questions, demonstrating games, serving cake and selling merchandise

Commemorative Intellivision jerseys proudly proclaimed "Still blocky after all these years."

It was partytime in the Intellivision booth at the Classic Gaming Expo, July 29 & 30, 2000, in Las Vegas. The Blue Sky Rangers celebrated the 20th birthday of Intellivision with a cake, a Karaoke contest and the release of new t-shirts and cartridges.

Just what is Video Game Karaoke? That was the question reporters called to ask from as far away as Calgary, Canada. The contest consisted of four 30-second clips from classic Intellivision games: Astrosmash, B-17 Bomber, Major League Baseball and Frog Bog. After the crowd saw the clips with sound, the volume was turned down and contestants stepped up to the microphone to provide the sound effects themselves.

Winners were chosen on the basis of creativity - and creativity was the order of the day. The crowd roared with laughter as contestants came up with bizarre sounds and narration. The winner in the individual category, Tom Salyers, received a set of the Sea Battle, Swordfight and Steamroller cartridges introduced at the Expo. The winners in the team category, Roloff De Jeu and Ian Baronofsky, received out-of-print B-17 Bomber t-shirts autographed by John Sohl and Stephen Roney, two of the game's designers. All contestants received a Gravis GamePad Pro, courtesy Gravis. The Gravis GamePad Pro (PC game port model) is recommended by Intellivision Productions for use with Intellivision Lives!

Blue Sky Rangers Stephen Roney, Keith Robinson, David Akers and Peter Kaminski prepare to sing "Happy Birthday" as John Sohl lights the candles on the cake.

Blue Sky Rangers John P. Sohl (Astrosmash, B-17 Bomber), Stephen Roney (Space Spartans, B-17 Bomber), Keith Robinson (TRON Solar Sailer), David Akers (Atari 2600 Star Strike), David Rolfe (Major League Baseball, Beamrider), Karen Nugent (BurgerTime graphics) and Peter Kaminski (Frog Bog, River Raid) were present during the Expo to meet with fans. On Sunday, they held a panel discussion on the history of Intellivision, followed by a birthday celebration. The crowd sang "Happy Birthday" as the Blue Sky Rangers blew out the 20 candles on the cake (see it with RealPlayer G2).

Intellivision Productions is known for moving classic cartridge games onto today's platforms with Intellivision Lives! for PC and Mac, Intellivision Classics for PlayStation and the upcoming Intellivision Rocks! for Windows and Mac. But at the Expo they premiered three games in cartridges for 1980s systems: Swordfight and Sea Battle for Atari 2600 and Steamroller for ColecoVision. These were games completed in the early eighties but never released until this weekend. The games became instant classics: Swordfight and Sea Battle sold out before the end of the first day. (More are being made and will be available online soon.)

In addition to the new cartridges, two new shirts were introduced. A baseball jersey carried the Intellivision motto for the show: "Still Blocky After All These Years." A Sea Battle t-shirt became the third in the Intellivision collectors series. The previous Astrosmash and B-17 Bomber shirts in the series have sold out. Both shirts are limited editions - those left over from the show will be available online only as long as supplies last.

Intellivision Productions was happy to be part once again of the Classic Gaming Expo and to share the 20th birthday of Intellivision with the fans who keep it alive! See you next time!

Join the fun at the Classic Gaming Expo August 11 & 12, 2001 in Las Vegas! Details>


Intellivision Birthday Press Release (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, 200K)
Intellivision Rocks! Press Release (Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, 200K)
Intellivision page from the Expo program
(Adobe Acrobat .pdf file, 300K)
Singing and blowing out the candles
(RealPlayer G2)

Panel discussion with (left to right) John P. Sohl, David Rolfe, David Akers,
Keith Robinson, Stephen Roney, Peter Kaminski


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