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(November 6, 2001) Intellivision Productions, Inc. and THQ Inc. have entered into a worldwide exclusive agreement to publish classic Intellivision games through THQ Wireless. This agreement gives THQ access to one of the biggest brands in gaming history for development in the emerging wireless gaming arena. The first game, Astrosmash, is scheduled to be released in the U.S. this holiday season for Motorola i85 and i50sx phones.

"Intellivision is one of the first real players in gaming, creators of such classics as Utopia, Sea Battle, Astrosmash, and Night Stalker during the early 1980s," stated Doug Dyer, General Manager, THQ Wireless. "Today’s handheld technologies enable us to recreate those experiences for the millions of wireless phone and PDA users to play anytime, anyplace."

"Millions of people have fond memories of Intellivision from their childhood, and we take that legacy seriously," said Keith Robinson, President of Intellivision Productions, Inc. and one of the original Intellivision game developers. "We found the same pioneering spirit at THQ that Intellivision had back in the early eighties. That and their publishing track record make THQ the ideal partner to bring our classic titles to the next generation of gaming technology."

Under the agreement, THQ has rights to publish wireless games based on more than fifty Intellivision brands including Utopia, Night Stalker, Space Battle, Space Armada, Shark! Shark!, Armor Battle, Triple Action, and Astrosmash.

SteamrollerThe first release, Astrosmash, has been fine-tuned for play on phones. "A game of Astrosmash played on an Intellivision can last an hour, even for a beginner," said Robinson. "If you're playing on a phone, you're on the go, wanting a faster game experience." The THQ developers ramped up the difficulty levels so that the game becomes more challenging faster. To ensure, though, that the game play was true to the original, the programmers consulted with John P. Sohl, the creator of Astrosmash (seen in the photo here), on the changes.

The Intellivision console, introduced in 1980, was one of the first-generation home video game systems. Over three million Intellivisions were sold, with 125 games published. Although their graphics were primitive by current standards, the games for the early consoles defined the genres, features, and conventions that are still used today. While video games have grown more complex in the two decades since, with ever more realistic graphics, many believe that for sheer fun, the early games have never been surpassed.

THQ Inc. develops and publishes interactive entertainment software worldwide for a variety of hardware platforms including PC CD-ROM, wireless devices and those manufactured by Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. The THQ site is located at


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