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Intellivision Partners with AtGames to Create New Products
AtGames Digital Media, Ltd., which markets the popular Atari® Flashback series of dedicated video game consoles, has licensed the library of classic Intellivision games for new software and hardware releases. "AtGames isn't interested in just one product; they are looking at a number of ways to bring these games to the fans," says Intellivision President Keith Robinson. "We are thrilled to partner with a company with such a solid reputation of keeping classic video games alive."With this new partnership, AtGames is building and expanding onto its track record of creating top-tier classic gaming products. The company has had much success with its top selling Atari Flashback and Sega Genesis Classic consoles. "Intellivision remains one of the most identifiable brands from the early days of the video game industry," says Jason Herczeg, Vice President of Digital Publishing at AtGames. "With their deep library of appealing games, we are excited to have the chance to bring Intellivision to a new generation of players." The companies have not yet announced planned products or release schedules.

Blue Sky Rangers Speak at GameFest
Blue Sky Rangers Don Daglow and Keith Robinson were part of the panel discussion Evolution of Video Games: Pioneers held on the first day of GameFest. The three-day GameFest marked the opening of The Art of Video Game exhibition at The Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C. The exhibition runs through September 30th. Don Daglow is the creator and programmer of the Intellivision game Utopia, one of the four Intellivision games chosen for inclusion in the exhibition. Don's new game company, Daglow Entertainment, LLC, is developing its first release for Facebook. Keith Robinson is the designer and programer of the Intellivoice game TRON Solar Sailer and is today President of Intellivision Productions, Inc., which controls the Intellivision copyrights and licensing. Joining them on the panel were Mike Mica, who has headed production for a number of game studios and publishers since the days of GameBoy; and Rand Miller, who with brother Robyn created Myst, the number one selling PC game of the 1990s. The panel was moderated by Chris Melissinos, curator of The Art of Video Games exhibition. (Arcade game creator R.J. Mical, scheduled to be on the panel, was AWOL.) The 350-seat Museum auditorium was filled quickly. Those turned away could watch on big screens in the Museum courtyard. The panel was also web cast live. The web cast is archived and can be viewed on the Smithsonian American Art Museum web site.

Return of the Intellivision trivia contest
By popular demand, the Intellivision trivia contest, which ran for several years in the Intellivision eNewsletter, is returning. In the new incarnation, a trivia question will be posted on the Intellivision Facebook page: The posting will be announced on Twitter: @IntyLives. A winner will be selected at random from the correct answers emailed to

Intellivision office hit by fire
A fire of unknown origin hit the Manhattan Beach, California, office building that is home to Intellivision Productions, Inc. on February 28, 2011. The fire started in a ground floor dental office underneath the Intellivision office. Luckily, no one was hurt and Inellivision suffered no loses of any historical items. Almost everything in the office was moved into storage for two or three months as the building is being refurbished and cleaned of smoke damage. The inventory of Intellivision merchandise was taken to their homes by Intellivision staff to continue sales and fulfilment. The company apologizes for any delays caused by this situation.

Intellivision comes to the Nintendo DS
After 6 years in development, Intellivision Lives!, a collection of over 60 classic games, has been released for the Nintendo DS handheld. "The second we saw the prototype Nintendo DS at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, we knew this was the perfect platform for Intellivision," says Keith Robinson, President of Intellivision Productions, Inc. "The lower touch-screen lets us duplicate the overlays used on the original hand controllers. This is the closest to the real Intellivision playing experience since the actual console." Such was Robinson's faith in a DS version that Intellivision Productions paid for its development before a publisher was found. Finding the right publishing partner proved harder than developing the game itself. Finally, late in 2009, Intellivision made a deal with Virtual Play Games to bring the cartridge to market. In early December 2011, it started appearing in GameStop stores across country. It is also available on Amazon and on the Intellivision web site.

Bushnell & Robinson talk classic games
Atari founder Nolan Bushnell and Intellivision Productions President Keith Robinson were the first guests on the pilot episode of NGaming Tonight, a new web talk show devoted to video games. Introduced as "The Godfathers of gaming," Busnell and Robinson tell about the pioneering days of video games and the legacy of Atari and Intellivision for today. The show will be debuting soon on the nGameTV web channel. In the meantime, here is a trailer for the first episode:

Intellivision celebrates at Classic Gaming Expo
The Blue Sky Rangers celebrated the 30th anniversary of Intellivision with milk and cookies at the 2010 Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. After 10 of the former Intellivision game designers held a panel discussion Sunday morning, August 1, they returned to the Intellivision booth at the Expo to celebrate the national release of the Intellivision video game system 30 years earlier. Visitors to the booth could try out the latest releases: iPad and iPhone collections (published by VH1 Classic), Intellivision games in the Microsoft online GameRoom for Xbox 360 and the Intellivision Lives! collection for Nintendo DS. A high-score BurgerTime contest was held on a real Intellivison console.

Slideshow from the 2010 Classic Gaming Expo.

VH1 Classic releases Intellivision for iPhone & iPad
Music channel VH1 Classic has published Intellivision collections for both iPhone and iPad, which are available in the Apple App Store now. The iPhone app is FREE and comes with one of the most popular Intellivision games, Astrosmash. Five additional titles, Night Stalker, Skiing, Chip Shot: Super Pro Golf, Thin Ice and Thunder Castle, may be downloaded for 99 cents each. The iPad app costs $2.99 to download and comes with the same six games available for iPhone.

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Here's Daniel from Jonquière, Quebec. People keep emailing us askng "Can we get the Intellivision Flashback® console in Canada, eh?" Daniel shows that yes, you can!
Here's Shawn from Northern California - again. See below for a shot of Shawn from two years ago. He says, "I haven't drug out all of my old garb, but I do have two shirts in the shot, two copies of Intellivision Lives 1.0, one copy of 1.1, and a copy of Intellivision Rocks. A subtle (read: bad) angle has the Activision Intellivision Classics beneath my iced tea, and what a wonderful coaster it doth make! Thanks for updating and compressing everything into this easier-to-swallow CD form. It has rather decreased my bloat as well!"
Meet The Hankster, who says, "Well I've been an Intellivision addict since 1979. I almost got divorced because my wife wouldn't let me go to California in 1979 to buy an Intellivision [in 1979, the Intellivision console and games were only available in limited central California test markets], and in fact to this day my wife refers to Intellivision as my 'Mistress.' Thanks for the best 24 years of my life!" Thank you, Hank!
No need for us to blow our own horn when we have Chris to do it for us. Here he is wearing his Running Man t-shirt while performing "in front of a monsterous crowd of 12 or so at Bernie's Distillery in Columbus Ohio." The name of his band is Hawthorne Effect, which we like since Intellivision was born in Hawthorne, California! (OK, "Hawthorne Effect" refers to a 1927 experiment in worker productivity in Hawthorne, Illinois - it's still a great name!)
From Middlesex, England, here's Nathan - at 2 years, 3 months, possibly the youngest active Intellivision player. His current record on Sharp Shot Football is 42 points (see larger photo at right). It's never too early to get 'em hooked on Intellivision!
Meet Kathryn, who says, "I wanna be the first female you put up on the site :)" Glad to oblige! Kathryn's brother got her hooked on Intellivision when she was a kid - they spent hours playing Major League Baseball. Now she's all grown up and showing off her Intellivision 20th Anniversary jersey!
Here's Andy from Tucson, Arizona. "Isn't that just a beautiful... shirt?" he asks. Why, yes! That's an Astrosmash shirt from our Limited Edition Collectors Series!
This is Shawn from Northern California. He says "I'm not ashamed to be called an Intellivision fan or to show off my addiction." Indeed, we count at least 8 Intellivision consoles in this photo he sent!
This is Jeff from Texas. He wrote to tell us how much he likes his hat and his Intellivision: "These are STILL THE BEST games to play and Intellivision is the MACK DATTY of game systems!" Right on, Jeff!
Meet Ron. "If you haven't figured out, I'm one of those bicycle stunt guys you see on ESPN all the time, just instead of a ramp (where I'd be wearing a don't make Intellivision helmets yet, do you?) - I'm using a banked wall on Water St. right down the block from the New York Stock Exchange. Fun, Fun, Fun. For the record, the hat rocks!" Thanks, Ron! We'll get started on those Intellivision helmets right away.
This is Ed, AKA Ye Big Cheese. He sent along these pics, saying he hopes "you'll get a good laugh." We did.
This is Alan, showing his preference for the classic Intellivision over that newfangled PlayStation.
Here's a couple shots of Louis, one with his Intellivision and one that better shows off the cap. He says the cartridge in the Intellivision, by the way, is Kool-Aid Man: "Although you probably cannot tell that the cart and overlay don't match - I cannot find my Kool-Aid Man overlays, so I used my next favorite game, Dreadnaught Factor."
This is Luca from Asti, Italy.
Want to see your photo here? Send a jpg with a picture of you and your Intellivision gear to Include your address and if posted we'll send you a free Running Man button! Wow!

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