The original Intellivision console and cartridges are no longer being manufactured, but for an investment of somewhere between $50 and $100, you should be able to find a working used console and a selection of games.

We don't sell or repair Intellivision hardware ourselves, but one place we know of that does is 4Jay's Classic Video Games. 4Jay's sells reconditioned consoles, hand controllers, power supplies and game cartridges. They also offer an Intellivision repair service.

And you can check out swap meets, thrift stores, and online auction sites such as eBay.com (a search on "Intellivision" usually turns up dozens of offerings).


Intellivision Owner's Manual
Shows how to set up the Intellivision console and connect it to your television. Includes information about how to connect it to modern (cable-ready) TV sets.

Instructions & Overlays
Found some cartridges but with no instructions? Download Intellivision instructions booklets and hand controller overlays.

Intellivision Support FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Intellivision troubleshooting.


Got a working Intellivision console? Then get an Intellicart! The Intellicart allows you to load games from our Intellivision Lives!, Intellivision Rocks, and Intellivision Greatest Hits CD-ROM collections into your Intellivision. Play over 75 classic games for a fraction of what it would cost to buy the actual cartridges! And play unreleased games on your Intellivision that aren't available on cartridges at any cost!
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