Standard handhelds: Space Armada, Auto Racing, Pinball, Baseball, Football, Soccer

Vibra-Action handhelds: Auto Racing, Sea Battle, Black Belt Battle

1- or 2-Player handheld comes with 3 games: Sea Battle, Black Belt Battle, and Hover Force

In 1977, Mattel revolutionized toys with the first microprocessor-based handheld games: Football and Auto Race.

Even after their release of the Intellivision system in 1980, Mattel continued to produce many popular handhelds.

Now, for the first time, a line of handheld games is carrying the Intellivision brand. The games are available this month in many Kay-Bee toy stores in the US and will be showing up at retailers worldwide over the next few months.

Three different models are available. The standard handhelds come in 6 titles: Auto Racing, Space Armada, Pinball, Baseball, Football, and Soccer.

The Vibra-Action model comes in 3 titles: Auto Racing, Sea Battle, and Black Belt Battle. Vibration feedback adds to the game play.

Most revolutionary is the 2-player system. This unit comes with 3 games - Sea Battle, Black Belt Battle, and Hover Force - that can be played by 1 or 2 players. The unit itself features two hand controllers.

"We feel this is a great way to introduce the Intellivision name to new players, especially kids," says Keith Robinson, president of Intellivision Productions, Inc. "These handhelds make perfect stocking stuffers, party favors, and are great for car trips. We hope kids will start associating the name Intellivision with simple, challenging, fun games and will check out the web site and discover the whole world of Intellivision." Depending on the model, the games retail from $5.99 to $12.99 (prices subject to change).

The games aren't clones of the Intellivision titles but suggest the originals. "The Intellivision Auto Racing cartridge is a top-down game and not much fun for one player - there's no computer-controlled cars," points out Robinson. "The handheld Auto Racing is point-of-view with plenty of traffic. It's pretty cool, especially the Vibra-Action model."

One title will be unfamiliar to Intellivision fans. Techno Source, the company which manufactures and distributes the handhelds, developed a karate fighting game, a popular genre that didn't exist back in the original days of Intellivision. "We needed a title for it that would fit in with Intellivision," says Robinson. "We figured we had Sea Battle, Armor Battle, and Space Battle, so why not Black Belt Battle?"

The handhelds are in retail stores worldwide, including: