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Non-stop action as you race your Steamroller around the roads, fixing potholes, squashing Beachballs, picking up prizes, avoiding Beachbombs and watching out for the other Steamroller!

Each new level brings faster action and a new twisted roadway!

David Rolfe autographs a copy of Steamroller at the 2000 Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, site of the long-delayed debut of the game

Steamroller won Classic Game of the Year in the first annual Digital Press Classic Videogaming Achievement Awards

Welcome to the strange land of Steamroller! Play against the computer or against another player head-to-head. Either way, you must use your Steamroller to repair the ever-deteriorating convoluted roadway: Potholes grow into Manholes, and if one of those smiling Beachballs falls into a Manhole, it bounces out a killer Beachbomb! So fix Potholes, pop Beachballs and watch out for that other Steamroller!
  • Speed around road maze crushing beachballs and picking up prizes!
  • Fix potholes before beachballs fall in and become bombs!
  • In one-player game, compete against a deadly computer-controlled steamroller that will destroy you on contact - except in the few seconds at the end of each round when you can turn around and crush IT.
  • In two-player game, go head-to-head against your opponent. Race to pick up prizes first; bump your opponent into oncoming bombs!
  • Multiple levels and road mazes with ever-increasing speeds.

For your ColecoVision console
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In July 1984, David Rolfe completed a ColecoVision game for Activision: Steamroller. He worked hard fine-tuning the gameplay to make it as fun as possible, despite knowing that Activision wasn't going to release it. The video game industry had crashed. Atari, Intellivision and ColecoVision were dead or dying.

Still, Dave wanted to get it right; after all, this would be his last video game in a short but illustrious career. Just over five years earlier, he had designed the operating system for Mattel Electronics' Intellivision console. He programmed the Intellivision games Major League Baseball, Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack, Checkers and Beamrider. For the Atari 2600, he programmed Super Challenge Baseball and Frogs and Flies.

For his final game, Dave went all out with a crazy, original design. Steamrollers race around a bizarrely convoluted roadway at hot rod speeds, squashing beachballs! The steamrollers are furiously flattening potholes on the ever-deteriorating streets because if the potholes get too big, beachballs fall in and bounce back out as lit-fused beachbombs! Fast, nonsensical fun.

Dave delivered the game and instructions to Activision on July 24, 1984. And for over 15 years, that was it. The game lay forgotten in the magnetic media of an archived floppy.

But recently, the growing interest in classic video games reminded Dave of Steamroller. He dusted it off to see if it was as much fun as he remembered. Happily finding that it was, he decided it was time the game finally was made public.

Activision, the copyright owner, generously gave permission for cartridges to be made for the fans who are keeping the ColecoVision alive.

The result is the long-delayed debut of Steamroller, made from the unmodified game file Dave finished July 24, 1984. The cartridges first went on sale in the Intellivision Productions booth at the Classic Gaming Expo, July 29 & 30, 2000 in Las Vegas. David Rolfe was onhand to sign copies and, sitting at a ColecoVision console, to show everyone how the game is played!


Produced by Cheshire Engineering for Activision Inc.
Design/Program: David Rolfe
Game ©1984 Activision Inc.

Released by Retrotopia with permission of Activision Inc.
Technical Engineer: Sean Kelly
Associate Producer: Lisa M. Dawson
Package Artwork: Keith Robinson
Special Thanks: Graham Fuchs, Activision Inc.
Packaging ©2000 Intellivision Productions, Inc.



©Intellivision Productions, Inc.